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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The World 3-20

Quick hit update before I try to keep shit moving with a longer piece on some awesomeness later in the week. There are three big sporting events going on in the world right now, the Cricket World Cup, the NCAA tourney and the Parade of Horribles Fantasy Baseball League, which everyone needs to keep updated with.

In cricket, the huge story has been the absolute destruction of everything Pakistan; not only did their team lose to Ireland meaning they don’t make it to the Super 8s, but the night after this historic loss their coach was found dead in his hotel room. People are afraid to speculate whether this was natural or shady for obvious reasons, but it’s put quite the damper on the whole tournament. Unfortunate, since the hosts (Windies,) have played well and moved on to the next round. The other Big Team that is threatened with missing the next round is India, who lost to Bangladesh, meaning their matchup with Sri Lanka on the 23rd is huge. Follow all scores live on

As for the tourney, I filled out three brackets, all with different outcomes, so hopefully one of them will end up right. I have Ohio State going too far, they aren’t that good and should have lost already. The toughest teams so far look like Kansas, Georgetown, and Florida. I really hope Florida doesn’t win again.

As for the PoH, we submitted our keepers this week; I chose to keep Ryan Zimmerman and Huston Street as my last two keepers, with the logic that it was more difficult to find good third basemen and closers as opposed to starting pitchers. The bottom line is I still have two of the top five players (Reyes and Howard,) and two more in the top 15 (Haf-Daddy and Beltran.) I love myself.

As for the rest of the world, we seem to be on the brink of a long hot summer, where things in Washington will continue to get nastier as Bushites are exposed for all the wrongdoing they have been involved in. What we have to realize here is that it’s not the specific machinations that are the problem; it’s the general disrespect for the other branches of government, the Constitution, and the laws on the books. No one likes legal smackdowns, but in this case, it’s deserved. And let me tell you, it’s great seeing them fall one by one.

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