Your Thoughts Exactly: October 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006


Alright Fine We Are Back

Why do Stu and I never want to work? Because we know that, in addition to crushing our souls, work takes away from more important activities like keeping you, the reader, informed on what is actually going on in the world. See, we know that you can’t understand what’s going on from those who appear to be responsible for informing you as to what is going on: CNN, US Weekly, the Redeye, because as for profit entities they are required to entertain their viewers and keep them coming back with sad-sack stories about child abduction and bad spinach.

Well there will be no child abduction garbage on Your Thoughts Exactly. Just the good hard news about international relations, politics, robots, video games and fantasy sports that you have come to love and expect. It is on like Donkey Kong.

(Speaking of fantasy sports, I would like to congratulate myself on winning year one of the Parade of Horribles Keeper League. Did you know that David had never lost a fantasy baseball league before in all of his 25 years? I must say I am honored to be the one to dethrone him.)

Basically there is too much going on in the world that I never get a chance to talk about or analyze because I spend too much time at work, or de-stressing myself from work by putting various intoxicants into my body and then recovering from that experience. This blog, in addition to being entertaining for the three people who read it, is also a way for me to vent about such issues and focus my ideas about the world. I have forgotten that as I have forgotten you, the readership and for that I am sorry.

Before I start venting, a quick summary on the last few months.

I now am gainfully interned (not employed,) at the World Trade Center Chicago, a fantastic little non-profit who’s goal is to promote international trade between small and medium-sized businesses in Illinois and whatever foreign counterparts are interested in reciprocating. This is an interesting opportunity for someone like myself, exposing me to the mirco-level workings of attempting to establish international trade relationships as well as understanding more about the business networking world and the world of international diplomacy.

Stuart is working his ass off at his job, which is why he never blogs anymore. He is negotiating for a raise today with his boss (which he deserves, since his company is a bunch of morons that don’t deserve his brilliance,) and I am hoping that he also negotiates two one hour floating holidays per week to crank out blogs.

Dave is a hateful hateful person who no longer cares to keep you updated on his life.

Alright this wasn’t even really a blog but more of an update. With that said, we are back. You will be seeing more of me shortly, but for now, I gotta go to work!

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